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Year 6 Spellings




Overview of Spelling Rule 

Spelling Word List 

Lesson 1 

Challenge words 

muscle identity prejudice accommodate available suggest determined competition rhyme existence 

Lesson 2 

Challenge words 

accompany immediately average necessary conscience privilege develop rhythm explanation symbol 

Lesson 3 

Challenge words 

according individual awkward neighbour conscious profession dictionary sacrifice familiar system 

Lesson 4 

Challenge words 

achieve interfere bargain nuisance controversy programme disastrous secretary foreign temperature 

Lesson 5 

Challenge words 

aggressive interrupt bruise occupy convenience pronunciation embarrass shoulder forty thorough 

Lesson 6 

Challenge words 

amateur language category occur correspond queue environment signature frequently twelfth 

Lesson 7 

Challenge words 

ancient leisure cemetery opportunity criticise recognise equipped sincerely government variety 

Lesson 8 

Challenge words 

apparent parliament committee recommend curiosity soldier guarantee vegetable lightning especially 

Lesson 9 

Challenge words 

appreciate marvellous communicate persuade definite relevant exaggerate stomach harass vehicle 

Lesson 10 

Challenge words 

attached mischievous community physical desperate restaurant excellent sufficient hindrance yacht 

Lesson 11 

Words with the short vowel sound /i/ spelled ‘y’ 

rhythm lyrics system oxygen antonym symptom symbol typical mystery crystal 

Lesson 12 

Words with the long vowel sound /igh/ spelled ‘y’ 

rhyme python occupy supply apply identify hyphen multiply hygiene recycle 

Lesson 13 

Words with the prefix ‘over-’ 

overbalance overcook overthrow overpaid overturned overreact overcoat overtired overslept overlooked 

Lesson 14 

Words with the suffix ‘-ful’ 

merciful boastful plentiful doubtful beautiful thankful fearful pitiful faithful fanciful 

Lesson 15 

Words that can be nouns and verbs 

produce object impact contest transport subject silence increase permit freeze 

Lesson 16 

Words with an /oa/ sound spelled ‘ou’ or ‘ow’ 

shoulder blown smoulder window mould shallow thrown soul known poultry 

Lesson 17 

Words with a ‘soft c’ spelled ‘ce’ 

prejudice certificate nuisance celebrate hindrance necessary sacrifice deceased cemetery December 

Lesson 18 

Words with the prefixes ‘dis-’, ‘un-’, ‘over-’ and ‘im-’ 

disappointed unnatural dissatisfied overseas dissimilar overrule unsure overreact unnecessary impatient 

Lesson 19 

Words with the /f/ sound spelled ‘ph’ 

graph alphabet pheasant dolphin phone elephant photo pamphlet physical sphere 

Lesson 20 

Words with origins in other countries and languages 

hoist veranda easel ballet restaurant blizzard pyjamas gymkhana bungalow origin 

Lesson 21 

Words with unstressed vowel sounds (schwas) 

explanatory company environment desperate secretary definitely jewellery reference poisonous temperature 

Lesson 22 

Words with ‘cial’/shul/ after a vowel 

antisocial social official racial superficial crucial special facial artificial beneficial 

Lesson 23 

Words with ‘tial’/shul/ 

influential essential martial substantial spatial potential partial sequential confidential torrential 

Lesson 24 

Words beginning with acc-  

accompany accommodate access accuse accost accrue accuracy accomplish accumulate accentuate 

Lesson 25 

Words with the suffix ‘-ably’ 

changeably noticeably dependably comfortably reasonably adorably valuably believably considerably tolerably 

Lesson 26 

Words with the suffix -ible 

reversible incredible possible horrible terrible responsible legible forcible sensible visible 

Lesson 27 

Words with the suffix -ibly 

reversibly responsibly possibly horribly terribly visibly incredibly sensibly forcibly legibly 

Lesson 28 

Words with the suffixes ‘-ent’ and ‘-ence’ 

excellent excellence silent silence evident evidence convenient convenience different difference 

Lesson 29 

Words ending in ‘-er’, ‘-or’ and ‘-ar’ 

computer superior customer soldier shoulder interior calendar popular particular radiator 

Lesson 30 

Adverbs synonymous with determination ending in ‘-ly 

intently diligently repeatedly purposefully determinedly resolutely relentlessly persistently tenaciously continually 

Lesson 31 

Adjectives used to describe settings 

picturesque magnificent regal tranquil sinister unsightly spectacular majestic noiseless bustling 

Lesson 32 

Adjectives used to describe feelings 

euphoric delighted despondent incensed terrified apprehensive jittery optimistic positive sanguine 

Lesson 33 

Adjectives used to describe characters 

amiable obnoxious disagreeable grotesque repugnant exquisite courageous gargantuan valiant delightful 

Lesson 34 

Grammar vocabulary 1 

modal relative pronoun clause parenthesis bracket cohesion ambiguity adverb determiner 

Lesson 35 

Grammar vocabulary 2 

subject object active passive synonym antonym ellipsis hyphen colon punctuation 

Lesson 36 

Mathematical vocabulary 

addition subtraction multiplication division parallel horizontal vertical circumference diameter calculation