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Year 5 Spellings




Overview of Spelling Rule 

Spelling Word List 

Lesson 1 

Words ending in ‘-tious’ and ‘-ious’ 

ambitious infectious fictitious nutritious repetitious amphibious curious devious notorious obvious 

Lesson 2 

Words ending in ‘-cious’ 

conscious delicious ferocious atrocious gracious precious luscious spacious malicious suspicious 

Lesson 3 

Words ending in -cial 

special official artificial crucial judicial beneficial facial glacial especially multiracial 

Lesson 4 

Words ending in -tial 

potential confidential essential impartial substantial preferential influential torrential residential circumstantial 

Lesson 5 

Words ending in -cial and -tial  

financial commercial provincial initial spatial palatial controversial initially controversially financially 

Lesson 6 

Challenge words 

appreciate immediately cemetery language conscious sufficient convenience thorough environment vegetable 

Lesson 7 

Words ending in -ant 

distant elegant abundant fragrant brilliant ignorant constant tolerant dominant vacant 

Lesson 8 

Words ending in -ance and -ancy 

abundancy elegance abundance dominancy brilliance relevancy extravagance tolerance hesitancy vacancy 

Lesson 9 

Words ending in -ent and -ence 

innocence transparent eloquence frequent confidence decent competence emergent intelligence violent 

Lesson 10 

Words ending in -able and -ible 

dependable reliable comfortable possible understandable horrible reasonable terrible enjoyable incredible 

Lesson 11 

Words ending in ‘-ably’ and ‘-ibly’ 

reliably terribly dependably visibly comfortably incredibly possibly sensibly horribly legibly 

Lesson 12 

Challenge words 

accommodate opportunity available secretary controversy sincerely dictionary suggest marvellous twelfth 

Lesson 13 

Words ending in ‘-able’ where the ‘e’ from the base word remains 

rechargeable manageable salvageable agreeable microwaveable irreplaceable changeable knowledgeable noticeable replaceable 

Lesson 14 

Words that are adverbs of time 

afterwards finally immediately recently earlier yesterday eventually tomorrow previously whilst 

Lesson 15 

Words with suffixes where base word ends in ‘-fer’ 

difference preference inference preferred conferring referring transference referee transferring reference 

Lesson 16 

Words with silent first letters 

knight knowledge knife knuckle wrestler writer pterodactyl wreath wreckage mnemonic 

Lesson 17 

Words with silent letters 

doubt autumn island build lamb receipt solemn ascend thistle disciple 

Lesson 18 

Challenge words 

amateur foreign ancient pronunciation awkward symbol criticise yacht excellent equipment 

Lesson 19 

Words spelled with ‘ie’ after ‘c’ 

ancient glacier science scientists species sufficient efficient emergencies deficient inefficient 

Lesson 20 

Words where ‘ei’ can make an /ee/ sound 

deceive protein conceive caffeine receive seize perceive either receipt neither 

Lesson 21 

Words where ‘ough’ makes an /or/ sound 

bought nought fought brought thought wrought ought afterthought sought thoughtfulness 

Lesson 22 

Words containing ‘ough’ 

though enough although tough dough plough doughnut bough rough toughen 

Lesson 23 

Words that are adverbs of possibility and frequency 

definitely occasionally possibly rarely probably certainly frequently obviously infrequently often 

Lesson 24 

Challenge words 

accompany interfere communicate nuisance conscience queue desperate restaurant disastrous rhythm 

Lesson 25 

Words that are homophones or near homophones 

advice advise device devise licence license practice practise prophecy prophesy 

Lesson 26 

Words that are homophones 

aisle isle aloud allowed altar alter ascent assent farther father 

Lesson 27 

Words that are homophones 

guessed guest heard herd morning mourning past passed bridal bridle 

Lesson 28 

Words that are homophones or near homophones 

cereal serial complement compliment principal principle stationary stationery wary weary 

Lesson 29 

Words that are homophones or near homophones 

affect effect precede proceed draft draught dessert desert whose who’s 

Lesson 30 

Challenge words 

achieve apparent bargain bruise community mischievous muscle necessary vehicle system 

Lesson 31 

Words with hyphens 

co-ordinate co-operate co-own co-author re-enter re-examine re-evaluate re-educate re-explain re-energise 

Lesson 32 

Challenge words 

immediate sincere changeable afterwards referring knight doubt amateur ancient deceive 

Lesson 33 

Revision words 

bought though definitely accompany advice aisle guessed cereal affect achieve 

Lesson 34 

Revision words 

fictitious conscious constant elegance frequent understandable comfortably controversy manageable earlier 

Lesson 35 

Revision words 

transferring writer ascend awkward species receive thought dough probably conscience 

Lesson 36 

Revision words 

device aloud heard complement precede community principle muscle desert stationary