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Year 4 Spellings




Overview of Spelling Rule 

Spelling Word List 

Lesson 1 

Words that are homophones or near homophones 

accept except knot not peace piece plain plane weather whether 

Lesson 2 

Words with the prefix ‘in-’ meaning ‘not’ 

inactive indefinite incorrect inelegant invisible incurable insecure inability inflexible inadequate 

Lesson 3 

Words with the prefixes ‘il-’, ‘im-’ and ‘ir-’ 

illegal impatient illegible imperfect immature irregular immortal irrelevant impossible irresponsible 

Lesson 4 

Words with the prefix ‘sub-’ meaning ‘below’ or ‘further divided’ 

submarine subdivide subject substandard subway substandard submerge subtitle subtropical submit 

Lesson 5 

words with the prefix ‘inter-’ meaning 'between' or 'among' 


interact intercity international interfere interview intercept intercom internet interchange interface 

Lesson 6 

Challenge words 

strength opposite women believe interest calendar grammar straight appear increase 

Lesson 7 

Words ending in -ation 

information sensation preparation vibration decoration donation duration registration population determination 

Lesson 8 

Words ending in -ation 

adoration admiration coronation detonation observation location generation exploration combination illustration 

Lesson 9 

Words ending in -ly 

sadly completely wildly bravely gently foolishly proudly horribly nervously happily 

Lesson 10 

Words ending in -lly 

usually finally beautifully thoughtfully wonderfully carefully faithfully peacefully cruelly generally 

Lesson 11 

Words where ‘ch’ makes a /sh/ sound 

chef chalet machine brochure parachute chute chaperone chandelier crochet quiche 

Lesson 12 

Challenge words 

complete continue experiment famous favourite February naughty material knowledge remember 

Lesson 13 

Words ending in -sion 

expansion extension comprehension tension suspension exclusion provision explosion erosion invasion 

Lesson 14 

Words ending in -ous 

poisonous dangerous mountainous marvellous perilous tremendous enormous jealous precious disastrous 

Lesson 15 

Words ending in ‘-ous’ including those where ‘ge’ from the base word remains 

courageous outrageous nervous famous adventurous disadvantageous ridiculous carnivorous rapturous torturous 

Lesson 16 

Words where a suffix is added to words ending in ‘y’ 

merriment happiness plentiful penniless happily prettiest nastiness beautiful pitiful silliness 

Lesson 17 

Words ending in ‘-ious’ and ‘-eous’ 

serious obvious curious hideous spontaneous courteous furious various victorious gaseous 

Lesson 18 

Challenge words 

breath business caught different exercise extreme medicine possession although thought 

Lesson 19 

Words where ‘au’ makes an /or/ sound 

automatic August launch haul astronaut cause author applaud autumn audience 

Lesson 20 

Words ending in -tion 

invention injection action hesitation completion stagnation nomination migration communication selection 

Lesson 21 

Words ending in -ssion 

expression discussion confession permission admission impression obsession procession omission concussion 

Lesson 22 

Words ending in -cian 

musician magician electrician politician mathematician technician optician beautician physician dietician 

Lesson 23 

Words that are adverbs of manner 

reluctantly quickly generously unexpectedly gently curiously furiously seriously victoriously courteously 

Lesson 24 

Challenge words 

group height particular potatoes separate surprise through caught though woman 

Lesson 25 

Words that are homophones 

scene seen whose who’s affect effect here hear heel heal 

Lesson 26 

Words with ‘c’ before ‘i’ and ‘e’ 

circle century centaur circus princess voice medicine celebrate celery pencil 

Lesson 27 

Words containing ‘sol’ and ‘real’ 

solve solution soluble insoluble dissolve real reality realistic unreal realisation 

Lesson 28 

Words containing ‘phon’ and ‘sign’ 

homophone telephone phonics microphone megaphone sign signature assign design signal  

Lesson 29 

Words with the prefixes ‘super-’, ‘anti-’ and ‘auto-’ 

supermarket superhero superstar superhuman antiseptic anticlockwise antisocial autobiography autograph automatic 

Lesson 30 

Words with the prefix ‘bi-’ 

bicycle biplane biped bicentennial biannual bilingual biscuit biceps binoculars bisect 

Lesson 31 

Challenge words 

accident actually busy eighth forward forwards guide possess occasion Wednesday 

Lesson 32 

Words containing an apostrophe for possession 

girls’ boys’ babies’ children’s men’s mice’s ladies’ cats’ women’s geese’s 

Lesson 33 

Revision words 

expression musician reluctantly group scene circle solve supermarket bicycle except 

Lesson 34 

Revision words 

incorrect illegible subject international believe preparation coronation wildly bravely thoughtfully 

Lesson 35 

Revision words 

brochure famous tension penniless hideous different astronaut completion admission mathematician 

Lesson 36 

Revision words 

gently separate affect unexpectedly potatoes circus insoluble microphone superhuman bicentennial