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Year 3 Spellings




Overview of Spelling Rule 

Spelling Word List 

Lesson 1 

Words where the digraph ‘ou’ makes an /ow/ sound 

mouth around sprout sound spout trout ouch found hound proud 

Lesson 2 

Words where the digraph ‘ou’ makes an /u/ sound 

touch cousin double enough country encourage trouble flourish young couple 

Lesson 3 

Words where ‘y’ makes an /i/ sound 

gym symbol myth synonym Egypt lyrics pyramid system mystery gymnastics 

Lesson 4 

Words ending in ‘-sure 

measure treasure pleasure enclosure pressure composure leisure exposure closure disclosure 

Lesson 5 

Words ending in ‘-ture’ 

picture adventure creature furniture nature capture future sculpture fracture mixture 

Lesson 6 

Challenge words 

actual bicycle answers circle earth enough fruit island often popular 

Lesson 7 

Words with the prefix re- 

return reappear redo refresh redecorate revenge review replay reaction rebound 

Lesson 8 

Words with the prefix dis- 

disappoint disagree dislike dislocate disadvantage disappear disapprove dislodge disobey disable 

Lesson 9 

Words with the prefix mis-  

mistake mislead misbehave misspell misplace misread mistrust misunderstanding mislaid misuse 

Lesson 10 

Words where ‘-ing’, ‘-er’ and ‘-ed’ are added to multisyllabic words 

gardening gardener limited limiting developing developed listening listened covered covering 

Lesson 11 

Words where ‘-ing’, ‘-en’ and ‘-ed’ are added to multisyllabic words 

forgetting forgotten beginning preferred permitted regretting committed forbidden propelled equipped 

Lesson 12 

Challenge words 

centre decide disappear early heart learn minute notice regular therefore 

Lesson 13 

Words with the digraph ‘ai’ and the tetragraph ‘aigh’ 

straight fainted strainer claimed snail painter waist chained failure waiter 

Lesson 14 

Words with the digraph ‘ei’ and tetragraph ‘eigh’ 

vein weigh eight neighbour sleigh reins freight reign veil eighteen 

Lesson 15 

Words where the digraph ‘ey’ makes an /ai/ sound 

obey prey convey survey grey osprey disobey they surveyor conveyor 

Lesson 16 

Words with the suffix ‘-ly’ 

calmly deadly boldly deeply hourly exactly bravely gladly clearly quickly 

Lesson 17 

Words that are homophones 

great groan main meet missed grate grown mane meat mist 

Lesson 18 

Challenge words 

build imagine natural promise suppose describe library ordinary recent weight 

Lesson 19 

Words ending in ‘-al’ 

arrival comical national personal survival burial emotional magical optional tropical 

Lesson 20 

Words ending in ‘-le’ 

battle article struggle possible capable settle humble terrible example adjustable 

Lesson 21 

Words ending in ‘-ly’ where the base word ends in ‘le’ 

gently humbly durably incredibly possibly simply nobly terribly responsibly wrinkly 

Lesson 22 

Words ending in ‘-ly’ where the base word ends in ‘ic’ 

basically frantically logically tragically magically publicly dramatically historically automatically specifically 

Lesson 23 

Words ending in ‘-ly’; exceptions 

truly drily slyly fully coyly duly daily shyly wholly happily 

Lesson 24 

Challenge words 

address arrive certain experience history mention occasionally probably reign sentence 

Lesson 25 

Words ending with the suffix ‘-er’ 

teacher catcher richer stretcher watcher dispatcher butcher preacher cruncher scorcher 

Lesson 26 

Words where the digraph ‘ch’ makes a /k/ sound 

chorus scheme school anchor chemist echo chaos character stomach monarch 

Lesson 27 

Words ending with ‘-gue’ and ‘-que’ 

league antique plague plaque mosque grotesque vague unique dialogue fatigue 

Lesson 28 

Words where the digraph ‘sc’ makes a /s/ sound 

science scene discipline fascinate crescent scissors ascend scented scenery descend 

Lesson 29 

Words that are homophones 

ball bawl berry bury break brake fair fare mail male 

Lesson 30 

Challenge words 

accidentally breathe century consider eight guard heard peculiar possible quarter 

Lesson 31 

Words ending in ‘-sion’ 

division invasion confusion decision collision television erosion vision fusion revision 

Lesson 32 

Challenge words 

special strange difficult important length perhaps position pressure purpose question 

Lesson 33 

Revision words 

pleasure island dislocate disadvantage decide survey exactly bravely ordinary promise 

Lesson 34 

Revision words 

scented grotesque daily freight hourly missed suppose plaque descend automatically 

Lesson 35 

Revision words 

teacher scheme history mention bawl crescent eighteen regular mane disable 

Lesson 36 

Revision words 

disappear reaction misunderstanding capable personal specifically committed forbidden neighbour confusion