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Visitors Information

We look forward to welcoming you as a visitor to our school. 

Here, you will find some important information you need to be aware of before you are on site. 

There is a buzzer to ring on both the car park and pedestrian gates, and there is a little camera, so don't forget to give us a smile, and one of our office team will let you on site. 
If you haven't already received a barcoded email invite from us, please sign yourself in at reception on our electronic system. If you do have the barcode, you just need to scan it. 
There is another camera, so we'll need another smile! 
You will be given a red visitor's lanyard. Please ensure you wear this at all times. It reassures our children and staff that you are a visitor that has been checked in correctly. 

Thank you for your support in following our procedures. There are some policies below for you to take a look at.