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How is spelling taught at St. John's Primary School? 

  • Each year group will have one weekly spelling lesson lasting 20-30 minutes (36 weekly word lists from Spelling Shed across the year, each consisting of 10 words) 
  • The spelling lesson consists of teaching slides, a spelling practise sheet, and an activity sheet. 
  • Within the 36-word lists and lessons, children will experience challenge weeks where common exception words for their year group will be taught, practised, and tested.  
  • These spellings are sent home with the children the Friday before the spelling lesson and parents are required to practise with their children at home 
  • The children will be tested the following Friday, each week in school.  
  • Children will complete the weekly spelling test in their spelling book, which will stay in school  
  • Parents will be updated on their weekly spelling test score.