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Our School

St. John's in Banbury is a springboard to a life of purpose and academic achievement. As we guide every pupil through their own individual academic, sporting, creative, spiritual and emotional journey, we watch with great pride as our boys and girls become both interested in life and interesting to others. 

St. John's is the ideal school for parents who are looking for a place where learners will be loved and challenged equally. 

Our school is Christ-centred, full of passion, has a zest for life and is curious about the world around us. We are unapologetically aspirational for the children in our school. 

Our focused pursuit of academic excellence is based on a new and aspirational curriculum that has been sourced from the providers of the highest achieving schools in England. Our teachers are trained to expect the very highest standards of work from the children and are equipped with the tools to deliver lessons that excite and extend every child. We are academic, yet we are also unstuffy. Our modern curriculum is globally relevant and full of opportunities to explore the world. 

We are acutely aware of our school's long history, and our diverse community has a strong sense of identity, based on our Christian values. This gives the children the scope to develop the confidence, resilience and determination to move on to the next stage of their educational journey. 

St John's Catholic Primary children are successful and able to tackle the challenges and embrace change because of the values we teach in our unique 'SJ' Code'. 

Our best asset is our fantastic children, who we have the pleasure and honour of working beside every day. 

Our school was started in about 1884, and we are one of the oldest schools in the Diocese. We are incredibly proud of the happy, vibrant and purposeful community that has been built here.  

When you walk through our doors, you will be warmly welcomed into a friendly school where there is a palpable buzz, children chatting happily with one another and staff deeply committed to delivering success for every child. 

Welcome to our school, built on the very best example of Jesus' teaching. We look forward to meeting you.