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St John's Catholic Primary School

Meet the Governors

As Chair of Governors I would like to thank all those who work so hard for the good of the school; Mrs Conway and the rest of the staff, for their dedication and commitment to providing a creative and stimulating environment in which our children learn. I would like to thank the governors, whose voluntary role meeting the many legal and statutory requirements plays an important part in supporting the Head Teacher in determining the school’s strategic direction.

Education continues to face challenging times; initiatives come and go, but I believe that   St John’s is an outstanding Catholic school and our overriding aim remains to work together for the good of the children who are “loaned” to us, for a short but very important period of their lives, and help them be the very best they can be. -Catherine Weaver

To find out more about each Governor and their role, click on their image.

Catherine Weaver

Chair of Governors

Safeguarding Governor

Fr John Peyton

Foundation Governor

Julie Hart

Vice Chair of Governors


Helen Self

Foundation Governor

Brenda Beale 

Foundation Governor



Christine Tiedman

Foundation Governor

Tennyson Bright

 Parent Governor

Stephanie Lella

Associate Governor





How does The Governing Body work?

The governing body has a key role in supporting the school and head teacher, achieve successful outcomes for its pupils.

Strategic support: helping the head teacher and her team set down the schools development plans.

Critical Friendship: being supportive but always challenging the school to strive to do better.

Performance Management: monitoring the schools performance, and working with the head teacher and her team to address any issues.

Capital Planning: making sure the plans and funding are in place to continually keep the school premises and equipment up to date and fit for purpose.

The full board meets at least once a term.  There are then two main sub-committees, the Premises and Finance Committee (PFP) and the Curriculum, Admissions, Discipline and Administration Committee (CADAC).  These committees meet more frequently, ensuring all the plans and recommendations of the Full Governing body are being carried out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a concern / issue /problem who do I speak to? What process do I follow?
Each problem is different but please feel free to speak directly to Roisin Conway or Catherine Weaver (Chair of Governors) in the first instance.

2. I would like to be a governor what should I do?
Please contact Catherine Weaver on 01295 263740 or catherine.weaver@st-johns-banbury.oxon.sch.uk

3. What future plans are there for the school?
The governors regularly discuss the future strategy for the school.  We have identified some strategic themes and continually review how we are doing against them.                        These themes are:

  • Any child who comes through the door, regardless of their ability, reaches their potential spiritual, emotional, social and academic.
  • Continue to develop mutual respect between everyone in the community – school, Parish and wider.
  • Deepen and broaden engagement with all stakeholders.
  • Deliver the best most inspiring curriculum we can.
  • Embrace and adopt, where appropriate, leading edge technology.
  • Create an environment that allows our staff to do their best work and enhance the learning experience of the children.
  • Maintain and develop the current school and keep a watching brief on external factors in order to lead the way on future opportunities and be ready to act.

4. Do the governors ever run sessions for us to meet/chat to them?
We have run sessions in the past and would be happy to do so again if the demand is there.


Contacting the Governors

Should you wish to contact the School Governors you can email catherine.weaver@st-johns-banbury.oxon.sch.uk  - or you can leave a message with the school office and someone will get back to you.